The Bajaj Chetak holds an esteemed position in India’s scooter realm, renowned for its robustness and iconic aesthetics that graced our roads for decades. Bajaj Auto, in 2019, reintroduced the Chetak in an electric avatar, aligning with modern eco-conscious trends. Now, Bajaj is unveiling a CNG variant, infusing the Chetak’s traditional charm with fuel efficiency and eco-friendliness. This transformation in the Chetak’s journey caters to cost-conscious riders seeking an affordable, chic, and environmentally considerate scooter.

A Fusion of Nostalgia and Modernity

The Bajaj Chetak CNG stays true to its heritage, preserving the classic Chetak silhouette that resonates with nostalgia for many. The graceful contours, iconic chrome accents, and the signature round headlamp retain the Chetak’s timeless appeal. Yet, subtle modern enhancements such as new color choices and sleek alloy wheels (available on select models) inject a contemporary flair into the Chetak CNG’s design.

Practicality is a core focus for Bajaj. The under-seat storage compartment offers ample room for helmets and essentials. The ergonomically designed single-piece seat ensures a comfortable ride for both riders and passengers, while its well-proportioned dimensions facilitate effortless navigation through bustling city streets.

Empowering Eco-Friendly Commutes

The heart of the Bajaj Chetak CNG beats with a modern single-cylinder CNG engine. CNG, known for its cleaner emissions compared to conventional fuels, aligns perfectly with eco-conscious riders’ aspirations for a greener commute. While exact performance metrics await unveiling, expect the CNG engine to deliver ample power for urban riding scenarios, potentially offered in different power variants. Coupled with a CVT for seamless rides, the Chetak CNG balances performance with eco-friendliness.

Essential Features for Convenience

Prioritizing convenience, the Chetak CNG is equipped with a semi-digital instrument cluster showcasing vital ride data. Drum brakes on both wheels ensure confident braking, especially in city terrains. Telescopic front forks and rear shock absorbers guarantee a smooth ride, absorbing bumps and road imperfections. LED lighting, including headlamps and taillights on specific models, enhance visibility and modernize the Chetak CNG’s aesthetics. Features like a mobile charging port and boot light (available on select models) add practicality for daily usage.

Safety and Peace of Mind

Safety is paramount, with the Chetak CNG featuring drum brakes on both wheels, an activated headlight function, and a maintenance-free battery for reliable starts. Bajaj’s widespread service network ensures easy access to parts and qualified service personnel, offering peace of mind to Chetak CNG owners.

Legacy of Affordability

Bajaj’s reputation for reliable and budget-friendly two-wheelers is well-established. The Chetak CNG inherits this legacy, instilling confidence in prospective buyers. With a competitive starting price of around ₹1.20 Lakh (ex-showroom Delhi), the Chetak CNG stands out as an economical yet stylish choice for riders prioritizing sustainability and practicality.

A Niche Offering for Evolving Needs

The Bajaj Chetak CNG targets riders seeking alternatives to electric and gasoline scooters. Offering lower running costs and independence from charging infrastructure, the CNG option suits those without reliable electric charging access, making it a viable choice in diverse riding scenarios.

A Sustainable Fusion of Tradition and Modernity

The Bajaj Chetak CNG represents a unique proposition in India’s scooter market, seamlessly blending timeless design with modern eco-friendly technology. With its classic aesthetics, fuel-efficient engine, and affordable pricing, the Chetak CNG is poised to carve a distinctive niche in the ever-evolving scooter landscape, appealing to riders seeking a blend of nostalgia and sustainability.

This rendition encapsulates the essence of the Bajaj Chetak CNG, bridging heritage with innovation for a greener, more affordable ride. If you require further details or have specific inquiries, feel free to reach out!

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