Nostalgia for Doordarshan TV Shows Many people still cherish the desire to watch classic TV shows from bygone eras. If you’re one of those who want to experience the best of the 90s, you can now enjoy them on OTT platforms. Let’s take a closer look at these shows.


India’s first superhero, ‘Shaktimaan,’ continues to receive immense love even today. Starting its journey on television, this show’s comics have now paved the way for its presence on the big screen. It was a show of its time, loved not just by kids but also by adults. Viewers admired Mukesh Khanna’s portrayal of Shaktimaan and Gangadhar. You can watch this show on Amazon Prime Video.

‘Dekh Bhai Dekh’

‘Dekh Bhai Dekh’ showcased the story of a three-generation family and was a fantastic option for family viewing. It depicted the Deewan family residing in a joint bungalow, facing unique challenges in every episode. Together, they tackled these challenges with humor, making it a delightful watch. Starring Shekhar Suman, Sushma Seth, and Farida Jalal, this show is available on YouTube.


This show marked Shah Rukh Khan’s entry into the entertainment industry and laid the foundation for his journey to becoming Bollywood’s Badshah. Airing in 1988, ‘Fauji’ was based on military training, making Shah Rukh Khan a household name. If you’re keen on watching this patriotic show, you can find it on Amazon Prime Video.

‘Malgudi Days’

‘Malgudi Days,’ aired on Doordarshan, was immensely popular. Directed by R.K. Narayan, this show’s episodes were based on his short stories, offering valuable lessons in each episode. If you haven’t watched this show yet or want to relive it, you can enjoy it on Amazon Prime Video and Disney+ Hotstar.

‘Hum Paanch’

Released in 1995, ‘Hum Paanch’ was a favorite show of its time, marking Vidya Balan’s debut in the acting world. The story revolved around Anand Mathur and his mischievous five daughters. Starring Ashok Saraf, Shobha Khote, Vandana Pathak, Amita Nangia, and Rakhi Vijan, this show is available on ZEE5.


Reconnect with the Past These shows from the 90s hold a special place in our hearts. Revisiting them on OTT platforms not only brings back cherished memories but also introduces them to a new generation. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy a nostalgic trip down memory lane with these iconic shows.

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