Royal Enfield 350 Range Recently launched Jawa 350 along with upcoming bikes from Yezdi, Honda, Triumph, Hero, and Royal Enfield will diversify the segment further

The 300cc to 500cc motorcycle segment is currently witnessing a significant surge. Numerous motorcycle enthusiasts are upgrading from their initial bikes to this segment with elevated aspirations. Besides the motorcycles mentioned in this list, the forthcoming motorcycles from Yezdi, RE, and Honda will add more diversity to this segment.

300cc To 500cc Motorcycle Sales February 2024

Royal Enfield dominated the segment by selling 64,779 units, accounting for 83.21% of the segment’s total sales. Leading the charts is the Classic 350, selling 28,310 units, showing a 3.09% YoY growth from 27,461 units sold in Feb 2023 and a 1.06% MoM growth from 28,013 units sold in January 2024. Classic 350 constituted 36.36% of the segment’s total sales, with a volume growth of 849 units YoY and 297 units MoM.

Bullet 350 and Hunter 350 sales were almost neck and neck, selling 13,944 and 12,122 units, respectively. While Bullet 350 witnessed a 4.52% YoY growth and a 10.56% MoM decline, Hunter 350 saw a 6.21% YoY and a 10.45% MoM decline. However, Meteor 350 sales have been on an upward trajectory. RE sold 8,125 Meteors, registering a 21.3% YoY and 9.52% MoM growth. Meteor accounts for 10.44% of the segment’s total sales.

In 5th place, we have Jawa/Yezdi (retail) numbers at 2,556 units sold last month. The company intends to broaden its portfolio with the recently launched Jawa 350 and upcoming Yezdi Customs. Currently, there was a 20.47% YoY and 8.97% MoM decline, with a volume loss of 658 units YoY and 252 units MoM. Himalayan stood at the 6th position with 2,278 units sold last month.

300cc to 500cc Motorcycle Sales February 2024 – YoY

The numbers saw a complete downturn with a 19.82% YoY and an even higher 31.59% MoM decline. Harley-Davidson X440 sold 2,219 units, registering a 33.74% MoM decline. Honda sold 2,072 units of H’ness and 1,784 units of CB350. H’ness witnessed a 549.33% YoY growth and a 43.80% MoM decline. Triumph 400 range secured the 9th place with 1,855 units sold and saw a 7.94% MoM decline.

Motorcycles with sub 1,000 units sales

The 390 range from KTM experienced a robust 38.79% YoY and 1.75% MoM growth, selling 873 units last month. TVS Apache 310 range sold 573 units, showing a 53.21% YoY growth and a 17.79% MoM decline. Following was Bajaj selling 441 units of Dominar 400, plunging into a complete 37.09% YoY and a 17.57% MoM decline.

Honda slashed the prices of its CB300 range, with sales numbers reaching 308 units, showing an 8.07% MoM growth. Yamaha sold 140 units of its newly launched MT-03 and R3, marking a 366.67% MoM growth. The Ninja 300 sold 83 units, reflecting a 43.92% YoY decline and a 6.41% MoM growth. Honda CB500 sold 66 units with a 37.50% MoM growth.

300cc to 500cc Motorcycle Sales February 2024 – MoM

The recently launched Husqvarna Svartpilen 401 saw 64 buyers and a 178.26% MoM growth. Ninja 500 sold 21 units with a 2,000% MoM growth. Kawasaki Eliminator and Ninja 400 sold 11 and 9 units, respectively, without any MoM growth. Aprilia RS 457 saw 5 buyers last month with a 400% MoM growth. Lastly, there was just one Kawasaki ZX-4R sold last month with a 96.97% MoM decline.

In total, the 300cc to 500cc motorcycle sales charts accounted for 77,860 units. Compared to the 68,673 units sold in February 2023 and 82,390 units sold in January 2024, the segment saw a 13.38% YoY growth and a volume growth of 9,187 units along with a 5.50% MoM decline and a volume loss of 4,530 units.

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