He always preferred motorcycles with a good amount of torque. We also test-rode the Royal Enfield Hunter 350, Triumph Speed 400, and Scrambler 400 X. BHPi an Fueled by Fury recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Embracing Dreams with Honda CB 350

“A Man is not old until regret takes the place of dreams” -John Barrymore

Hondas, especially the classics, have been the best motorcycles of all time. The debate on whether these bikes make sense or not has been forever, even though you may find yourself on either side of the fence. But you cannot deny the fact that Honda has managed to create a legacy of not just selling bikes but selling dreams. This is the story of the Honda CB 350 in Mat Marshal Green Metallic – a long-term dream of my dad that came to fruition.

Pros and Cons of Honda CB 350

Pros Cons
Iconic classic retro design with minimal chrome Service interval of 6 months/5000km
Build quality, fit and finish Low-end torque not adequate, reflected in a lag of 0.5 seconds
Refined 348.36cc engine with linear power delivery Headlights not optimal, wide throw affects intensity
Affordable Honda service rates Cluttered digital infotainment cluster
Roomy ergonomics for long-distance touring

Rediscovering Royal Enfield

For about two decades, my dad has been fond of Royal Enfields and has always wanted to own one. Ever since I had grown to understand things in life, I remember every time my dad saw a Royal Enfield on the streets he used to point at them and say to me “This is the bike”. He owned a Suzuki Max 100 back then and I never understood his obsession with the Royal Enfield. But being the man of the house, there were a lot of important things to think and worry about (Medical expenses, school fees, monthly bills and all) than an expensive toy that gives you nothing but joy.

Comparing Honda CB 350 with Other Bikes

With the help of Bhpians, the bikes needed to be TR were shortlisted and below were the observations:

Honda Highness CB 350 RE Hunter 350 Triumph Speed 400 Triumph 400X Honda CB 350
Agile Agile, compact Good torque and power Height issues Torque engine
Good posture Upright posture Slightly leaned Slightly larger Seating comfort
Good build quality Hard clutch, small vibrations Good posture Adequate power
Sweet-sounding exhaust Room for improvement Excellent build Upright riding
Good build

Honda CB 350 DLX Pro in Mat Marshal Green Metallic

Honda CB 350 comes with 2.15 lakh (ex-showroom) for DLX and 2.18 lakh (ex-showroom) for DLX Pro Honda offers DLX and DLX Pro variants for CB 350 which only comes with a price difference of 3K. DLX Pro comes with Bluetooth connectivity (Honda Smartphone Voice Control system), a chrome element in the headlight cover, body-colored fenders, and a brown seat color. While DLX doesn’t have any connectivity features, silver paint scheme in the headlight covers, and both blacked fenders and seat.

We have gone for CB 350 DLX Pro in Mat Marshal Green Metallic for 2.70 Lakh OTR price with special discounts of 12.8k.

Design and Styling

Simply delicious! The Honda classic design is clear in every aspect even though you see a huge chunk of inspiration from the competitor. When you walk around the bike you should appreciate the level of detail put into making it. The bike is extremely proportioned and well-built stands offer a big bike feel as compared with its siblings. Honda CB 350 weighs 187Kg which sits on par with the competition in the market with a reasonable seat height of 800 mm. It comes with a ground clearance of 165 mm which is good for usual broken roads and the 15.2L fuel tank capacity helps to reduce fueling stops during long-distance touring.

Build Quality, Fit & Finish

Best in the segment with the build quality. Every component is built up to the cost and has a finer level of detailing in all areas. The man oeuvr ability of the switch gears comes with the competitors. Wiring is organized standardly and no other visual elements of wiring are in plain sight. There is a little bit of crowded dressing of wire in the handlebar region which is not a deal breaker.

Features and Instrumentations

The bike comes with all the basic features, Dual-channel ABS, Assist slipper clutch, Emergency stop signal (ESS), and traction control. It does not come with any riding modes but has a switchable traction control (Either being in ON or OFF). The switch gear comes with immaculate quality as with the typical Honda. The only throw-off is the integrated kill switch and start, which I am personally not a fan of. The instrument cluster shows the important data which can be toggled through two trip meters, real-time FE, average FE, distance to empty (DTE), and battery voltage.

Wheels & Tyres

The bike comes with a 7-spoke black alloy which tremendously enhances the aesthetic. The front wheel is equipped with 100/90-19M/C 57H and disc brakes of 310 mm. The rear comes with 30/70-18M/C 63H with disc brakes of 240 mm. With the initial miles of 1500km, I am satisfied with the performance of the tires, and have adequate braking in all road conditions.

Ergonomics and Comfort

The bike comes with a seat height of 800 mm with a roomier seat for the rider that helps in mile munching and touring capabilities. The riding posture is upright and doesn’t give strain to any shoulder muscles or lower back. The kerb weight is 187 Kg which feels balanced throughout the bike, once it starts moving it’s quite agile in city traffic. There are no stock wind protection visors available but they do come with good aftermarket options.

Riding the Honda CB 350

Country roads! The engine remains the same as its siblings with slight tuning to meet the dynamics of the bike. It comes with a 4-stroke, 348.36cc, SI engine which produces a max engine output of 15.5kW @5500 rpm and max torque of 29.4 Nm @ 3000 rpm. The bore stroke ratio is 70 mm X 90.519 mm producing a linear torque curve with a compression ratio of 9.5:1 from the engine. There is a small lag in the lower rpm, it can be removed by replacing the stock air filter (experts say so).

I hope this revision meets your expectations and provides valuable insights into the Honda CB 350 and its comparison with other bikes. Let’s delve further into the nuances of this iconic motorcycle.

Handling and Performance

The Honda CB 350 excels in its handling capabilities, offering agility and ease of maneuverability in various riding conditions. The refined engine delivers a sweet linear power delivery, making it ideal for highway cruising while maintaining fuel efficiency. The bike’s torque engine ensures adequate power for sedate driving, complemented by its upright riding posture that provides comfort even during long rides. However, there’s a slight lag in low-end torque, which may be a concern for some riders.

Design and Aesthetics

One of the standout features of the Honda CB 350 is its timeless design with minimal chrome elements, giving it an iconic classic retro look. The build quality, fit, and finish are exceptional, showcasing Honda’s commitment to craftsmanship. The bike’s ergonomics are well-suited for riders of all sizes, offering a spacious and comfortable seating position, particularly beneficial for long-distance touring.

Technology and Features

In terms of technology, the Honda CB 350 comes equipped with essential features such as dual-channel ABS, assist slipper clutch, emergency stop signal (ESS), and traction control. While it lacks advanced riding modes, the switchable traction control adds a layer of safety and control to the riding experience. The instrument cluster provides vital information and can be easily navigated through its various functions.

Ownership Experience

For enthusiasts like BHPian Fueled by Fury, owning the Honda CB 350 has been a fulfilling experience. The bike’s reliability, coupled with Honda’s affordable service rates, makes it a practical choice for long-term ownership. The dealership experience, especially at BigWing Muvatupuzha, adds to the overall satisfaction of owning a Honda motorcycle, with knowledgeable staff and a focus on customer service.


In conclusion, the Honda CB 350 stands out as a timeless classic in the world of motorcycles. Its iconic design, reliable performance, and comfortable riding experience make it a preferred choice for riders who value both style and functionality. Whether cruising on the highway or navigating through city traffic, the Honda CB 350 delivers a memorable and enjoyable ride, fulfilling the dreams of enthusiasts like BHPian Fueled by Fury and many others.

As you embark on your motorcycle journey, consider the Honda CB 350 for its blend of heritage, technology, and practicality, offering a ride that’s not just about reaching your destination but enjoying every moment on the road.

I hope this continuation provides a comprehensive overview of the Honda CB 350 and its attributes. If you need further information or have specific questions, feel free to ask!

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