In a surprising turn of events for the scooter market in February 2024, Honda Activa emerged as the top-selling scooter, surpassing competitors like Jupiter, Access, Ola iQube, and Chetak. This achievement marks a significant shift, with Honda Activa commanding a remarkable 41% market share on its own.

Honda Activa’s Dominance

Honda Activa’s demand has skyrocketed, making it the number one choice among customers and reclaiming its position as India’s top scooter once again. The sales data for February 2024 reaffirms Activa’s leading position, leaving competitors like Ola, Jupiter, and Chetak trailing behind.

Market Growth in Two-Wheeler Segment

The two-wheeler vehicle segment in India witnessed impressive growth in February 2024 compared to the same period last year. The scooter segment, in particular, experienced a substantial 36.32% increase in sales. Honda Activa led this growth with sales of 4.78 lakh units, reaffirming its popularity among consumers.

Top-Selling Scooters in February 2024

Let’s delve into the sales details of the top 10 scooters sold during February 2024:

  1. Honda Activa: The undisputed leader, with sales of 4,78,414 units in February 2024, showcasing a 36.32% increase from the previous year.
  2. TVS Jupiter: Securing the second position with sales of 73,860 units, representing a 37.05% annual increase.
  3. Suzuki Access: Maintaining its third position with a robust year-on-year and month-on-month sales growth.
  4. Ola S1: Capturing the fourth spot and witnessing substantial sales growth in the electric scooter segment.
  5. Honda Dio: Ranking fifth and showing consistent growth in both annual and monthly sales.

Insights into Key Players

Honda, TVS, Hero MotoCorp, Suzuki, and Bajaj dominate the two-wheeler market, each having at least one model in the top 10 scooter list. Electric scooters, particularly Ola’s S1, have gained significant traction, indicating a shift towards eco-friendly mobility solutions.


Honda Activa’s resurgence as the top-selling scooter in February 2024 highlights the evolving preferences of Indian consumers. With a diverse range of options available, customers continue to prioritize performance, affordability, and innovative features when choosing their preferred scooter model.

Rank Scooter Model Sales in February 2024 Annual Sales Growth Monthly Sales Growth
1 Honda Activa 4,78,414 units 36.32% 6.77%
2 TVS Jupiter 73,860 units 37.05% -0.49%
3 Suzuki Access 56,473 units 40.50% 1.96%
4 Ola S1 33,846 units 90.43% 4.94%
5 Honda Dio 25,312 units 74.70% 0.79%
6 TVS Ntorq 24,911 units 45.47% -8.51%
7 Suzuki Burgman 17,433 units 164.98% 9.86%
8 Hero Destiny 17,433 units 164.98% 9.86%
9 TVS iQube 15,792 units
10 Bajaj Chetak 13,620 units 417.08% -3.70%

This table summarizes the sales performance of the top 10 scooters in February 2024, including their sales figures, annual sales growth rates, and monthly sales growth rates.

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